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Keep an eye out. As we post episodes, we will post any video or picture evidence here as well as images from our travels.

Here is a video taken by John Tincher, Lynn's brother, at Rohs Opera House in Cynthiana, KY. There are two shopping bags that are what's green, and our shadow person is hanging about the one on the right. Be sure to scroll slowly, frame by frame, and at one point you can see him manifest. You can make out his head and shoulders. Then you can watch him move in front of both bags going left. CRAZY

Scott County Jail without.jpg

In these images, you can see Lynn standing in the hall and AJ sitting on the floor at the Scott County Jail in Tennessee. John Tincher was sitting on the stairwell at the end of the hall with his camera. It was dark. John kept seeing something pass between him and Lynn and took around 20 photos trying to capture it. And capture it, he did. Just what is it, however?

Octagon Hall on September 17, 2022. AJ was using the FLIR thermal camera on his iPad. You can see the "cold spot" on Lynn's car. We validated it with the temperature gun that it was colder. It was there for hours.

Octagon Hall on February 25, 2023. AJ was again using the FLIR thermal camera on his iPad. We jokingly said that we wondered if the "cold spot" was still on Lynn's car. Much to our surprise and amusement, it was.

Taken by Lynn's security cam in her back yard on January 26, 2022. What is it? Ghost? Fairy? Bug in January? What do you think?


Here you can see a shadow person about the size of a child that hung out with several of our team members for over 20 minutes. You can watch our team try and debunk it. It's in the doll room at Poasttown Elementary in Middletown, Ohio. It's named after Joe Morris, our founder, who said he would never believe in a ghost. We have it in writing that he's now a believer after this. Shot by AJ Oxley with the FLIR camera.

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